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Estate Planning and Probate

For many of us, the thought of our own mortality is a disquieting concept. As a result, we focus our time and energy on the present and seldom look to the future. We avoid all mention of Estate Planning until one day our mortality catches up to us and it is too late. At this point, it is usually our loved ones who realize that having a proper estate plan in place was one of the most responsible and loving things we could have done.

No matter the unique circumstances or the size of the estate, effective Estate Planning is a necessity that our families will one day thank us for. It is a process that this firm will gladly guide you through.

A key purpose of estate planning is to arrange the affairs of the family so that it is protected and maximum financial and psychological security is obtained. Therefore, one of the most important documents to any Estate Plan is the Last Will and Testament. In it, wishes regarding the estate, i.e., who will receive which assets, are set forth. It is essential regardless of the size of the estate. Without it, the Probate Court will distribute the assets of the estate. In addition to a will, a useful tool to have in your estate plan is a Trust. In a Trust, one person holds title to property pursuant to an obligation to use or keep the property for the benefit of another. A Trust is an effective way to avoid the Probate process.

In addition to wills and trusts this office will help you prepare an Advance Health Care Directive. There are essentially two types of advance health care directives. The first type is the living will, which is essentially a statement of a person's wishes and the kind of health care and treatment he or she desires in certain situations. The other type of advance health care directive is the authorization to someone else to make health care decisions, a medical power of attorney. Both documents help prepare for unexpected tragedies. Not having them in place can place a burden on the loved ones who will have to make these tough decisions.

Estate Planning has many facets and the process can be complicated. Please consult with this firm and we will guide you through the process. Please call us for a free consultation.